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We Create Web Video Content for Corporate Websites.
Web or internet video is an affordable and highly effective method to reach your potential clients, inform existing customers, and with broadband connections common place the format has become a must have for your website marketing and promotion.

Web Video for Marketing:
We are not only video production experts, we also understand the day to day needs of our corporate and technology clients, especially in this challenging economy. Common uses for a web video can be to create a marketing campaign that is truly "viral" (viral meaning that the video is easily shared and passed around the web to your potential clients, thus increasing your company exposure to potential clients).
Another use is your own internet TV channel, this allows you to post multiple videos in a layout that is easy for your website visitors to view and see the content you have to offer that is of benefit to them.
Endless Visual can create a custom single video player for you or an entire internet TV channel, along with video hosting at an affordable rate that is much less than you think.

-- Sample Internet TV Channel --

No More Worries About Web Video Formats:
For years anyone who needed a video for their website had to figure our which standard to use, Quicktime or Windows Media, the worry is over.
The standard of web video delivery is the Flash based players, why?? Flash based video players are compatible with 98% of all computer platforms so there is no need to have multiple versions of the same video, at different bit rates, and formats on your website.

Functionality is another advantage, your user can simply click a button and instantly email video content from your website to a key buyer in the company or to others that may be interested in your products or services.

Once we produce your video, getting it on your website is easy, with just a few lines of code your video player or internet TV channel is up and running on your website, its that easy. We also provide video hosting with all web video production packages.

Customized Reports and Hosting With All of Our Web Video Packages:
One of the key features to our web video packages is the analytical tracking capabilities. You can receive custom reports based on how many minutes watched, number of plays, unique viewership, daily delivery, engagement, and more to fit your needs. Reports can be generated anytime, for any day, or date range you need.

-- Sample Report: Number of Plays vs. Percent Watched --

Your Satisfaction is Our Main Concern, we encourage meetings and brainstorm sessions with every client, which ensures high quality and fast turn around time.

Endless Visual is Your Solution for Corporate Video Production Services.
From concept to completion, DVD or web output, we provide you with the services you need without having to manage multiple vendors to get the results you demand.

Centrally located in Massachusetts, we serve the New England business community   Please feel free to contact us about your project, we would be happy to have the opportunity to discuss your video production and creative needs.

Barnes and Noble testimonial
PROJECT: Internal training DVD

"Our Regional CR Person called and praised you! She was so pleased-she called just to tell how well everything went. If we ever have more work, you'll be the first one we call...

I have watched the DVD and it looks terrific! -- Thanks again!"

-- Barnes and Noble

Netflix testimonial
PROJECT: Video presentation

"Awesome job. Came in before deadline and at budget (which was less than all other bids by a lot)

Vendor survey (5 is best)

Quality -- 5
Response -- 5
Professional -- 5
Expertise -- 5
Schedule -- 5
Cost -- 5

Video came out great. HIGHLY recommend. "


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