DVD video production services

We create DVD presentations for corporate marketing and training.
DVD video is an inexpensive and highly effective method to reach your potential clients, inform existing customers, and the format provides excellent capabilities for training employees and informing clients as well.

DVD for Marketing:
We are not only video production experts, we also understand the day to day needs of our corporate and technology clients, especially in this challenging economy. Common uses for a DVD video presentation may be a trade show or company video display to dazzle potential clients.
Another is to meet requirements for the ISO 9000 business management standard (DVD video is a great tool to train employees and meet your ISO requirements), we are here to assist your marketing and/or technical staff with low cost, high quality video production services.
The advantages to DVD are that your clients can view your message on their time and you can include a targeted message or promotion that they can act on.

-- Sample Marketing DVD Menu --

DVD for Training:
We hold many business and technical certifications, including ISO 9000 Auditing, plus over 15 years of technology consulting to 100's of companies, this is why we can confidently say, we are "The Technology Video Experts".
DVD Video is an incredible training tool due to its intuitive navigation and menu options.
We can work with your technical and non-technical staff to create a training DVD that will enhance employee knowledge of your processes thus allowing less time spent on training and costly mistakes and more time being productive.
This is something every manager and company owner is concerned with in this challenging economy.

-- Sample Training DVD Menu --

Video Training Customized to Your Needs:
Our technical experts are able to create a DVD training program specific to your company needs, by observing and filming your processes to develop a solid video training program. This is done in an unobtrusive manner, thus keeping down time to a minimum.
You can be sure that you will get the most intuitive and effective training video possible, our 15 plus years in the high tech industry allows us to take complex technical concepts and deliver them in an easy to understand video program.

Your satisfaction is our main concern, we encourage meetings and brainstorm sessions with every client, which ensures high quality and fast turn around time.

Endless Visual is your one stop solution for video production services. From concept to completion, web output or DVD, we provide you with the services you need without having to manage multiple vendors to get the results you demand.

Centrally located in Massachusetts, we serve the New England business community   Please feel free to contact us about your project, we would be happy to have the opportunity to discuss your video production and creative needs.

Barnes and Noble testimonial
PROJECT: Internal training DVD

"Our Regional CR Person called and praised you! She was so pleased-she called just to tell how well everything went. If we ever have more work, you'll be the first one we call...

I have watched the DVD and it looks terrific! -- Thanks again!"

-- Barnes and Noble

Netflix testimonial
PROJECT: Video presentation

"Awesome job. Came in before deadline and at budget (which was less than all other bids by a lot)

Vendor survey (5 is best)

Quality -- 5
Response -- 5
Professional -- 5
Expertise -- 5
Schedule -- 5
Cost -- 5

Video came out great. HIGHLY recommend. "


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